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Brand Story
The founder of ShangKun Industrial Hardware Co., Ltd started to step into the industrial hardware field in 2004, mainly serving as agent supplying hardware parts to Europe, the USA and Japan. Back at the time, China’s economy was becoming stronger and stronger, which increased the demand from equipment manufacturing. However, China’s private sector basically was only in the period of starting. It was hard to find a whole solution for supply in domestic, both for the lack of the humanized design of the hardware parts and of the ability to meet security requirements. Therefore most of the companies chose to use the goods from abroad. Since the heavy rely on foreign products, there emerged a lot of requirements no matter for using or selling them, which imposed some obstacles on the development and the value improvement of the equipment industry.
As a result, the founder of ShangKun Industrial Hardware Co., Ltd officially began to have the company’s own design, R&D, and production lines, acting with a can-do spirit and a principle of making China’s high-quality hardware. At the same time, for better recognition of the company’s trademark and value, ShangKun Industrial Hardware Co., Ltd registered two brands, namely, “坤龙”& “KUNLONG”. “Kun” is ’from “Yijin” (A Chinese book which illustrated the Chinese words “Qian” as sky and Kun as land; in ‘Yijin’, ‘Qian’ and ‘Kun’ together symbolized everything happening in the world is regular and simple to understand, so to achieve is to follow the nature’s law). While “Long”  is a unique symbol from the profound Chinese culture. Therefor “KUNLONG” are here held as a spirit of practical working methods and eternal pursuit of excellence, encouraging all the partners and staff to bear in mind deeply to work in practical approaches, never fear the difficulty and endeavor to provide the best products. Because they are not just standing for the whole hearted hard work of each employee but also embodying the importance of China’s production. We will never stop our fighting to go farther and farther, keeping on our responsibility and mission in heart.
In 2011, for catching up with the fast development of this era, we stepped up once more our new strategy, centering on being an expert of “Whole solution for industrial parts”, focusing more on the services to our customers with various service supports and trusting our clients, insisting on our unchanged attitude of making good-quality goods and design principle of taking quality as priority, to provide comprehensive services to meet our customers’ exact requirements.
Let us all the partners from ShangKun insist on our original belief. This is the way to achieve what we are pursuing. Passing on the practical entrepreneurship spirit of daring to be the first, and the company culture, staff in ShangKun believes strongly that facing the opportunities and challenges in China and the forth generation of the world industry, we are confident to realize our value and create our own value by making contribution.

Address :  No.39, Shichang Road, Zhuanyao Industrial Area, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. 

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