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How to install hinges,mounting method of hinge.

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图形1ShangKun Industrial would like to recommend you:The width,height,material quality of door is determinant of required number hinges of each door. In practice,Various factors arise due to different conditions.So the number hinge of form is just for you reference.In the case of unknown,suggesting a test first.And considering stability,the distance between of hinges should be larger.
Installation of door hinge installation has three different method basically:

1.Full cover
The cabinet side panel can be covered by door,there is a gap between them so that door can be opened safely,straight arm 0 mm.

2.Half Cover
Under the circumstances,Two door can be shared a side panel,there is a minimum total gap required between them.The distance cover of each door can be reduced proportionally,need to adapt curving arm of hinge,center curving(9.5mm)

Under the circumstances,the door is locate in interior cabinet,At the side of cabinet,which also need a gap so that door can be opened safely.need to adapt big curving strength arm of hinge.

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