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Would You Choose The Right Torque Hinge?

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We heard that torque hinge is easy to be broken?!!However,what do you know about the torque hinge? What kind of torqure hinge is suitable for you?Just following us,let's learn it together.

The specifications of torque hinge as below:

1. Application
2. Environment
3. Temperature: It will affect the power and life of the torque hinge, , it needs you to consider whether the product will be deformed or broken when the temperature is too high or too low
4. Humidity : It determines the impact of corrosive products


The torque hinge of ShangKun, we have difference kind of materail: Zinc Alloy; Nylon; Staniless Steel
The finish of Zinc Alloy, we have : Black Painted; Bright Chrome Painted;Pearl Chrome Painted
All kind of colors you want can be customized with Nylon material
The finish of Stainless Steel is Vibration Ground


News Products:

1.Adjust screw tightness, it can effect the power of torque SK2-301/302


2.Built-in cogs type torque hinge: The power of torque depends on quantity of cogs. This is a kind of unadjustable torque hinge, so please make it clear the sizes of door  (length and width) and weight what you want to install SK2-416/420/248


3. Limited torque hinge: When the door is opened by a certain angle, the door will stop at an angle that does not shake, there is a general point of 75 °, 90 °, 115 ° etc.  SK2-007/007N


When the power of torque is certain, the door is too light, door switch will be very hard; the door is too heavy, door switch will not effect. so choose a suitable torque hinge is very important.
If you have any problems when you choose torque hinge,please feel free to contact ShangKun, we will be happy to solve your problems for you.

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