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How does a compression latch work?
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How does a compression latch work?

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What is the scope of application for the compression door latch?

The compression door latch is a type of mechanical fastening device used to secure doors, equipment, or enclosures, such as environmental test chambers, industrial ovens, cold storage equipment, biomedical equipment, food and drug pharmaceutical production, packaging, testing equipment, new energy environmental protection equipment, shielded boxes, sound proof boxes, lithium battery production and testing equipment, etc.


What are the main components of a compression latch?

Door Lock Body : Typically a metal component fixed on the edge or side of the door, used to secure the door to the door frame.

Door Latch: Also a metal component, fixed at the corresponding position on the door frame, working in conjunction with the door lock body to allow the door to be inserted and secured in place when the lock is engaged.

Inclined Wedge Surface: An inclined surface located between the door lock body and the door latch, which utilizes the principle of forced tightening to create a compression effect when the door latch is engaged.


What is the working principle of the compression door latch?

The main principle utilized here is the tightening effect of the inclined wedge surface, which ensures that the door, once locked, creates a tight fit with the door frame, resulting in a sealing effect to prevent any leakage, especially in preventing the escape of hot or cold air from the enclosure.

What are the advantages of compression latches?

Compression latches are popular for their ease of use, reliability, and ability to provide a tight seal, making them suitable for a variety of applications where secure closure is a must.

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