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  • What are Heavy-duty Handles: Heavy-duty handles are a type of door and window operating device designed with a more robust structure, Also known as heavy-duty door handles, suitable for bearing significant force and heavy loads.These handles are typically constructed from durable materials such as c

  • What is a draw latch:A draw latch, also known as a button, is a device used to fix, connect or close objects. It usually consists of two parts, one part is fixed on one side of the object, and the other part is fixed on the other side of the object. By combining them, the object can be fixed or conn

  • What is the scope of application for the compression door latch?

  • What are casters: A castor, also known as a wheel or roller, is a device, usually consisting of tires, shafts, and supporting members, that can be rolled and moved on the ground. Casters are commonly used on various objects, equipment or structures to make it easier for them to move or slide on a fl

  • What is a hinge:

  • We are committed to designing suitable intelligent self-priming locks for our customers.

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