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The greatest wisdom is to be remain calm

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Once there was a scientist. He wanted to study how monkeys learn.

He put two peanuts into a tall glass bottle.

The bottle was completely transparent, one could see the two peanuts clearly from outside.

Then he gave the bottle to a monkey

The monkey grabed the bottle and shook it methodlessly for a while. Finally, the peanuts fell out and the monkey got to eat them

The scientist put another two peanuts into the bottle. This time, he showed the monkey that if you put the bottle upside-down the peanuts will fall out easily.

But the monkey still shook the bottle methodlessly after it grabed it. It didn't learn anything the scientist taught it.

The reason is that all the monkey saw were just the peanuts. Its brain could not handle anything else such as the scientist's example.

Sometimes, and quite often, when we encounter complex situations, we are just like this monkey. We don't calm ourselves down and try to find a solution for the problem. We merely fight a pointless fight methodlessly with the problem.

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