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  • [Common problems] The greatest wisdom is to be remain calm

    Once there was a scientist. He wanted to study how monkeys learn.

  • [Common problems] Is it dangerous to sleep with your smartphone?

    FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES LIKE LAPTOPS, phones, anything with a LED or LCD display, the problem is that they produce a large amount of artificial blue light. Our natural cue to what time of day it is, primarily to know when morning is, is blue light. By exposing ourselves to large amounts of blue light

  • [Common problems] How to calm down quickly

    We all have our own tricks to boost our mood when we’re feeling down; these little tricks can make you feel a little bit happier every day. While there are certainly happy memories tied up in the wedding ring you and your spouse purchased together years ago or your teddy bear from childhood, new res

  • [Common problems] How to provide memory

    Most of us can lose our train of thought midway through a sentence but when you're a stand-up comic, it can spell disaster - as comedian Billy Connolly knows. The 70-year-old Scot admitted last week he now suffers from worrying bouts of memory loss on stage and sometimes cannot ?remember his punch l

  • [Common problems] Response speedy to Sichuan earthquake

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