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Warmly Welcome Ian McKend From Mac's BBQ Ltd

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  British customers visit our factory today. They visit the workshop to see the whole product making process, and visit the warehouse which present variety of goods. The customer said your products are the best one I have used, the material is environment-friendly, surface finishing is superior, the texture is good, and also your company provide many kinds of products which can meet all my needs. As a member of KUNLONG COMPANY, We are so proud of gaining the acceptance from the customers.
  As people said if you want go fast go alone. if you want to go far go together. KUNLONG is not the one of going fast but it is the one going far with the high efficient team and it’s pursuing of high quality &providing the perfect service. KUNLONG has focused on industrial hardware more than 12years and we will keep going……..
  Suppling: Industrial lock, cabinet lock, cam lock, panel lock, industrial hinge, refrigerator hinge, draw latch, handle, refrigerator handle, toggle latch, toggle clamp, industrial caster, leveling feet

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