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Shangkun originator step in industrial hardware industry in 2004. At first as agent to sale hardware for Europe, America and Japan. With China’s economy is growing, to pack to force the increasing demand of manufacturing. And China’s private enterprise in the early stages of the industry. Many enterprise use and rely heavily on imported products. The development of equipment of our country caused trouble.

Therefore, our originator with aggressive thoughts start to independence design, research and manufacture in 2006. And the same time he register “KUNLONG” logo. Stringent requirements Shangkun people down-to-earth, face the difficulty to make high quality products for customers. And with this responsibility and mission to make any products.

In 2011, followed by the rapid development of the company with the times. We are start again strategically and defined us as industrial structure holistic solution specialist. Focused on product innovation and customer service, As customers to the center, service customers who support and trust us towards many directions. Do what customers think, think what customers didn't think that it's our service concept. Adhere the attitude to produce quality products and design principle in quality priority, to provide our best service you all of our customers.

All of Shangkun's staff keep the faith of don't forget to beginner's mind, the party must always. Adhere dare to be the first as pragmatic spirit. We with full of confidence to realize ourselves value, to create our own value and make a contribution under facing the opportunities and challenges in China and 4.0 times the industrial world.


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