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In today's competitive market, products are not only to meet the basic functions. Aesthetic appearance, ergonomic design and superior functionality are the main factors that ultimately determine the user's intent to purchase. Details of the devices, such as door locks,door hinges, handles lock, directly affect the user's first impression, which can not be ignored.In addition, the product's features and appearance also affect customer awareness of the company and its products, sensory awareness and reputation and brand fora long time.
Based on the characteristics of industrial applications, 

ShangKun creates a unique design and userfriendly contact solutions. ShangKun's  industrial lock, caster, draw latches and handle locks, leveling feet can enhance the end-user understanding of the product, which means the users not only can  leave a good first touch feeling,  but also provide a safe and secure guarantee.

As ShangKun continues to develop innovative products , it has been committed to helping customers solve and overcome engineering challenges for more than a decade.And now we have more enthusiasm, vision and focus  to help customers differentiate their various products and enhance their values.
ShangKun's efforts are going on and on to improve the process to remove contaminants and ensure environmental standards, to promote "green manufacturing" commitment to actively develop new products and new technology 
with new material .
We're optimistic to build a more promising future on a sustainable development basis. Special thanks to our customers and business partners. 
Let's march forward with an enormous sense of mission 
and responsibility.