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  • Looking for a #handle #latch with high standard design and quality? SK1-BS2 is the perfect partner of heating drying oven and constant temperature and humidity aging oven. Silky smooth when twisting the handle, easy to operate and install. It meets your requirements for high strength and durability.

  • With global metal prices moving from "positive" to "stable," we believe that while overall demand for metals has been high throughout the period, that doesn’t mean they will improve from current levels.Although most base metal prices will reach historical peaks this year, #KUNLONG's product prices w

  • Only united team to create the greatest wealth!In order to strengthen the core cohesion of the company team, we launched a company team building activity last month. Under the leadership of CEO Jason Fang, everyone united and helped each other to complete a number arduous tasks together. Keep it up!

  • KUNLONG New arrival Medical Swivel Castors, Its material is soft and comfortable. It has anti-skid and shock-absorbing properties, quiet and durable, and will not disturb other people's rest. The wheel rotates 360 degrees and provides a smooth rolling experience. Welcome to contact us to inquiry.

  • KUNLONG New arrivals Test Chamber Handle Lock with high quality lock cylinder, positioning function, strong flex and compression force, widely used in deep low temperature storage, medical refrigerator, test chamber, etc.

  • Are you looking for a dream Smart Locks? KUNLONG Security Electric Electronic Door Smart Locks with innovative features and customizability to meet different design requestsSmart Locks are about to bring technology to the industry in a more humanized way.Let's take a look at these two features:1. In

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