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  • Q Whether there is a patented product

    A At present, we have 45 patented products and 3 software Copyrights
  • Q Whether it can be customized and developed according to the drawings

    A We can customize according to the client's drawings or samples, or we can satisfy the customer's personalized customization.
  • Q Can you provide the product catalog and 3D drawing

    A At present, we are improving the file upload of 3D images, which can be downloaded later on the website. Please contact us now.
  • Q Can you add the customer LOGO to the standard product?

    A The ownership and authorization of the LOGO shall be provided. There is also a MOQ limit, and the price is calculated separately.
  • Q Is there a Rose certification?

    A Our procurement of raw materials are environmental protection material, the surface of the product processing requirements and environmental protection, environmental protection material that can provide products, this is the domestic authority inspection report issued by the company, real and effective.
  • Q Can the product be replaced or repaired free of charge if there is any quality problem?

    A In normal use, our products have a one-year warranty. Without affecting the secondary sales, there is no reason to return or replace the goods within 7 days.
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