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The September Purchasing Festival is coming! The activity of surpassing KPIs and earning generous rewards has officially started!
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The September Purchasing Festival is coming! The activity of surpassing KPIs and earning generous rewards has officially started!

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The September Purchasing Festival is coming!

The activity of surpassing KPIs and earning generous rewards has officially started!

Shangkun International organized the September 2023 Procurement Festival kickoff event to stimulate the morale of the sales team, promote their persistence and pursuit of goals, while achieving new corporate performance targets, and promote the growth and income of the sales staff themselves.


At the meeting, we introduced the rules of the Procurement Festival to the participants in detail, so that they quickly clarified their responsibilities and tasks in the September Procurement Festival. Next, we enter the core part of this procurement festival, that is, to determine the personal performance growth target. Through reasonable forecasting and planning adjustments, we finally determined that the goal of the September procurement Festival is to achieve a 150% increase in performance. In order to ensure the realization of the target, we will reasonably plan the growth rate for the international sales team, and specific to each sales staff.

In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of sales staff, Shangkun International Department has developed a variety of reward programs, such as snacks gift bag lucky draw, daily best sales award, September sales Hero Award, and cash red envelope reward for the salesman with the most orders per day. These reward schemes are designed to motivate salespeople to work hard and increase their motivation and self-confidence.


In addition to the reward mechanism, we also set up a special punishment program. Those who fail to complete the KPI need to make a self-review PPT and carry out punishment activities such as speeches and hiking. These punishment programs are designed to make salespeople realize their inadequacies, thereby motivating them to work harder to avoid being punished.

The launch of these activities means the transmission of the perseverance, confidence, courage and strength of the sales partners. The determination of Shangkun International Department is indomitable, and we believe that with the joint efforts of all sales teams, we will be able to achieve the target of 150% performance growth!

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